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    10/10 review for the massage therapy provided by James (Thai name is Jorm). He is a very kind person and skilled at neck, shoulders and back massage....

    Best Massage Therapy in Montreal

About Us

Bodhi Thai Massage is based in Montreal, Quebec and Vancouver, British Columbia. We offer professional Thai Massage for health and therapeutic purposes at our studio located in Atwater, Montreal,  QC and our studio located in Kerrisdale, Vancouver, BC.  We can also bring comfort and relaxation through our mobile massage service to our clients’ office, home, or care-facility in Vancouver and we can facilitate massage for employees through a company’s corporate wellness program by bringing massage services onsite to their work establishment in Montreal.


Bodhi Thai MassageBodhi was chosen for the company name because of its meaning. Bodhi is a Pāli / Sanskrit word and means to be awakened, enlightened, to know and to understand. In the 21st century, life has gotten so busy with constant communication, competition, and simply being on the go that it is easy for people to forget to breath, relax and just enjoy the moment. As a consequence, we lose balance and harmony, and our health and well-being suffers.


Calming-Thai-MassageThai massage became our company’s focus not only because this type of massage is therapeutically healthy for us and feels good, this ancient spiritual practice also helps us to connect with an inner sense of peace and freedom.


Thai massage, with elements of yoga, meditation and relaxing rhythmic compressions, encourages us to slow down and settle into the moment so that we can rediscover the silence and peace that is underneath all habitual mental activity. It also helps to clear blockages so that energy can flow more freely within our body, allowing us to have a new sense of vitality.


Refresh with a Thai MassageOur treatments are delivered to you by our practitioners who are certified, insured and trained in Government Recognized and Approved Schools in Thailand. Each of our practitioners are inspired healers who are highly skilled and passionate about cultivating health and well-being for our clients. We offer knowledge and experience accumulated through active practice and continuous education. We focus on healing with compassion, good will and heart, with the aim of bringing you balance and harmony.