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Thai Foot Reflexology
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Class Details

  • Time
    2 Days
  • Length
    16 Hours

Learn Thai Foot Reflexology to treat your friends, family, partner or your massage clients.  It is fun to learn and truly beneficial for health and well-being.  This is the authentic Thai Foot Reflexology system that is taught at the world-renowned Thai Massage School of Chiangmai (TMC) in Thailand.

The Thai Foot Reflexology massage course is a 2 day workshop.  The teaching ensures your ability to perform the most amazing and effective therapeutic foot pampering and massage treatment ever!  By the end of the classes, you will be able to give a 60, 75 or 90 min reflexology treatment as well as have the skills to start up your own reflexology practice and earn money as a reflexologist if you so desire.

About Thai Reflexology

Thai Foot Reflexology massage has been performed in Thailand for over 2500 years.  This treatment is seen as being a complete holistic treatment for the body, mind, and soul, as it is believed that 72,000 reflex points end at the feet.  Working on the reflexology points then works on the entire body and helps to improve the overall functionings and internal organs within the body.

About the Course

This Course will cover the following:

  • History of Foot Massage & Benefits
  • Supplies and Equipment
  • Reflexology Points and Corresponding Body Parts
  • Foot Bath
  • Foot Wrapping
  • Use of Stick
  • Theory of Sen Energy Lines
  • Contra-indications
  • Step-by-Step Warm Up Massage
  • Step-by-Step Instructions on how to work and stimulate the 36 Reflexology Points and Areas on each foot
  • Leg Massage Thai Style
  • Arm and Hand Massage, touching upon Reflexology Points on the Hand as well
  • Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage
  • Learning advanced Thai Reflexology massage techniques to treat special ailments like muscle and joint pain, headaches and so on
  • Tips on how to market your business
  • And More!

A great deal of emphasis is placed to ensure you apply correct techniques so that you don’t harm your own body while giving a treatment, with focus on proper movement , mobilization, and transition procedures.

If you are already using the Chinese traditional Foot Reflexology method to treat people, then you may find the Thai method to be different and more complete than the traditional version. That’s because the Thai style method can also incorporate massage on the legs, arms, hands, head, neck, shoulders and back to balance and stimulate the movement of energy on the Sen Lines throughout the body.

Furthermore the Thai style uses a wooden massage stick to greatly help to decrease stress on the thumbs while protecting your hands and fingers from over-use.  The Thai method is effective, but at the same time non-intrusive, so by the time you finish your reflexology and massage treatment, the client will float away in a zen and light state, deeply content.

Course Accreditation

Course is accredited by the Thailand Government and also by CTAA (Complementary Therapists Accredited Association).  Continuing Education Credits are also available throughout various parts of Canada and USA.  Please contact us for more information.

Certificate Upon Completion of the Workshop

Participants will have received a detailed illustrated manual and will have the tools to give a 60, 75, or 90 minutes Thai Foot Reflexology massage.  A certificate of attendance will be given. Please read Cancellation Policy also.

Class Dates  

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