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    Personal Fitness – Gain Mobility & Flexibility with Lazy Man’s Yoga

    Improve Your Health While Gaining Mobility & Flexibility with Lazy Man’s Yoga

    Are you getting stiff and sore from any of the following?

    –  sitting at your office all day
    –  not exercising or exercising too much
    –  not stretching enough
    –  aging
    –  recovering from an injury or operation

    If the answer is yes, we have the solution for you.  Try an Assisted Stretching session with us.  This promotes wellness and vitality by loosening joints, lengthening muscles, releasing blocked energy within the body and helping it to return to a state of balance, harmony, flexibility, and health.

    The Assisted Stretching sessions is not your typical stretching session, but are comprised of a series of stretches, guided and assisted by the Practitioner, that are difficult to attain through individual exercise and yoga practice.  It is designed to stretch muscles a little more than they normally would if you were trying to do it yourself. This allows the client to focus on breathing, positioning, and feeling the depth of the stretch to make it more effective.

    Ideal for both athletes and people who lead a more sedentary lifestyle.  Sessions are performed on a mat on the floor with the client wearing loose, comfortable clothing.  We offer onsite service to your home, office, hotel or care-facility.  Visit:  http://www.bodhithaimassage.com/services/ for more info.

    Visit:  http://www.bodhithaimassage.com/

    Call:    778.804.8004

    We are a group of certified personal fitness trainers and massage practitioners who come onsite to your location.  We look forward to helping you improve your health and wellbeing.

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