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    Thai Massage Therapist, Watpo, Bodhi Thai Massage

    I’ve had the pleasure of receiving several incredible Thai massage treatments given by Suk while she was in Thailand. Suk has an incredibly big heart, caring personality, and a healing touch. She places great emphasis on the well-being of her clients and truly cares about each individual, of their health and their circumstances – mind, body and spirit. Suk is a well trained therapist and her Thai massage skills and abilities is better than most I’ve tried. On top of taking the time to listen, she also helps to educate her clients on prevention and correct ways to take care of their body. With these skills combined with her ability to seek out pain spots intuitively, I feel very comfortable with her massages. She is truly dedicated to her profession with heart and compassion, and simply stated, she is one of the best!!! I wish Suk a great future in the industry in Canada and I look forward to having more massages from her one day.

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    10/10 review for the massage therapy provided by James (Thai name is Jorm). He is a very kind person and skilled at neck, shoulders and back massage....

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