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    What a Jewel!

    Jerry McDaniel

    I have always had back issues and between visiting the sights of Montreal and hiking my back and hips were really causing pain. I found this jewel of a place. In the week and a half I was in town I visited Vivian 3 times! I am a big guy, with big muscles, but this 100lb ball of dynamite gave me the deepest Ashiatsu massage I have ever had in my life. After each visit I felt my muscles loosening slightly more. A first ever in my life. In one visit my left hip was causing me sharp pains, only to realize it was out of socket. Vivian moved it back in place qnd the sharp pain immediately went away. Thank you Vivian! I wish I lived closer. You would be my permanent fix!

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    10/10 review for the massage therapy provided by James (Thai name is Jorm). He is a very kind person and skilled at neck, shoulders and back massage....

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