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    Warm welcome to our new colleagues at Bodhi Thai Massage Montreal

    Thai Massage - Bodhi Thai Massage

    We’re very happy to announce that three new Thai massage therapist have joined our team in Montreal. Fluent in both French and English, each are registered and have immense training and experience in Thai massage, as well as other massage modalities. Learn more about each therapist …


    Dini (Nadine)
    Dini has over 12 years massage experience, and she worked at Bota Bota for the past five years before joining Bodhi Thai Massage. She is well versed in over ten different massage modalities, and she has chosen to practice exclusively Thai massage for its amazing therapeutic benefits. She learned Thai massage in Thailand and specializes in all forms of Thai massage from traditional, therapeutic, deep tissue, reflexology, lomi lomi Thai aromatherapy and more.


    When not practicing massage therapy, Dini’s activities include yoga, healthy cooking, gardening, cycling, and cultural traveling. Dini strongly believes that physical activity is an essential part of a healthy lifestyle, and that a combination of massage therapy, meditation and therapeutic exercise is an excellent way to stay healthy for everyday living.


    Daeng comes from Thailand and he learned Thai massage at Watpo, recognized as the birthplace of Thai massage.  With many years experience, Daeng specializes in traditional Thai massage, deep tissue Thai massage, therapeutic Thai massage, stomach massage, and Thai aromatherapy massage.  He enjoys applying therapeutic techniques to help put the body back into harmony.


    In his spare time Daeng enjoys working out at the gym, cooking delicious Thai food, and drawing.  Daeng also practices spirituality and mediation, and places focus on natural healing, healthy lifestyle and body-mind-spirit balance.


    MC (Marie-Christine) has been a yoga instructor for many years and added Thai massage to her repertoire.  She studied at Lotus Palm in Montreal and specializes in traditional Thai massage, therapeutic  massage, as well as head, neck and stomach massage.


    Combining her love for yoga and working with her hands, MC is a firm believer in the power of movement and breath to facilitate healing.  MC’s intention is to meet your needs and support you to find release, alignment and inner connection to enable you to live a more whole, balanced life.



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