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Bodhi Thai Massage offers professional Thai massage for health. You can come to our Studio in Montreal, Quebec or Vancouver, British Columbia. Trained in Thailand, our certified practitioners offer a variety of Thai style massage modalities.  We focus on healing with compassion, good will and heart, with the aim of bringing you good health,  balance, and harmony.

Sessions can be 60, 90 or 120 minutes. Our massage style incorporates elements of meditative breathing, gentle rocking, deep stretching, and rhythmic compression along the body’s energy lines, and use of reflexology to create a remarkable healing experience, bringing the basic life elements and energy into harmony to create wholeness of mind, body and spirit.

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage Traditional Thai Massage

Traditional Thai massage combines the use of acupressure, trigger point therapy and yoga-like positions with rhythmic compressions, smooth rocking, assisted stretching and meditation to produce a uniquely relaxing yet energizing and highly effective treatment for the body and mind. The massage is performed on a mattress on the floor with the client comfortably dressed.

60 min: $95 90 min: $130 120 min: $165
Therapeutic Massage Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Thai Massage is a useful treatment for relieving chronic conditions or discomforts such as headaches, neck, shoulder, back, arm and leg pain or weakness as well as for alleviating ailments such as dizziness and nervousness, menstrual cramps, indigestion and constipation. Combination of Traditional Thai, deep tissue, trigger point, and acupressure modes will be used.

60 min: $110 90 min: $140 120 min: $175
Thai Aromatherapy Thai Aromatherapy

This full body aromatherapy treatment combines the soothing power of massage with the healing and mood enhancing qualities of aromatic essential oils. The practitioner uses gentle and flowing massage techniques to inspire the body, mind and spirit into a state of deep relaxation.

60 min: $110 90 min: $140 120 min: $175
Thai Foot Reflexology Thai Reflexology

Thai Reflexology offers total relaxation. This ancient practise involves applying pressure to reflexology points in the feet and hands which corresponds to specific glands, organs and muscles throughout the body. Stimulating the points promotes a healthy functioning of the internal system, as well as to relieve stress, promote self-healing and prevent disease.

60 min: $95 90 min: $130 120 min: $165
Cellulite Massage Cellulite Massage

Cellulite massage is a slimming massage to help reduce cellulite formation and its appearance in the common problem areas such as the thighs, buttocks, hips, abdomen, back, and upper arms by using specialized massage techniques in combination with body wraps.

90 min: $145 120 min: $175
Lomi Lomi Massage Lomi Lomi Thai Blend

This massage combines the best of Lomi Lomi, known as the dance of massage, with the best of Thai Aromatherapy. Designed for those wanting a little more ‘umph and pizzazz’ to the relaxing Aromatherapy massage, this blend incorporates rhythmic movements with gliding massage strokes applied through the use of fingers, knuckles, palms, forearms, and elbows taking you to a state of bliss.

60 min: $110 90 min: $140 120 min: $175
Thai Step On Massage Thai Step-On Massage

Thai Step-On Massage (barefoot or Ashiatsu) is an ancient form of massage that uses the feet and the practitioner’s body weight to perform deep tissue work on specific pressure points on the body. Ideal for those who desire a gratifying and results-driven treatment i.e. athletes, bodybuilders, larger clients, and those who can never get enough pressure in a massage.

60 min: $110 90 min: $140 120 min: $175
Deep Tissue Massage Deep Tissue Massage

This Thai version of deep tissue massage is designed to target the deeper layers of muscle tissue. It offers a stronger, more intense treatment as the practitioner uses more forearm, elbow, knees, and feet to help relieve deeply ingrained tension. This massage is accompanied by high intensity stretching that further aids to loosen tight muscles and increase flexibility.

60 min: $110 90 min: $140 120 min: $175
Assisted Thai Stretches Assisted Stretching

Take advantage of Assisted Stretching with a Thai flavour! The benefits are invigorating as the treatment combines yoga movements with stretches aided by the Practitioner. The body is stretched in ways that are difficult to attain through individual exercise and yoga practice. Assisted Stretching is very effective in increasing flexibility, circulation and range of motion.

60 min: $110 90 min: $140
Thai Massage for Elderly Geriatric Massage

Massage for Seniors works to improve the overall health and wellness of the aging individual. It helps to promote circulation, maintain muscle and joint flexibility, enhance overall mobility, while reducing stress and anxiety. The in-home or on-location service makes it more convenient for seniors to get a massage as they do not have to travel.

60 min: $95 90 min: $130
Herbal Ball Thai Massage Herbal Ball Compress

This is a unique Thai Treatment that combines Traditional Thai Massage with the added luxurious feeling of having aromatic and therapeutic hot herbal compresses soothed over your body working its magic to further enchant you into a state of deeper relaxation, a state of heavenly bliss! …. SPECIAL VANCOUVER PROMOTION!!! $79 for 60 mins, $99 for 90 mins, or $139 for 120 mins!!! Save from $41-$51!!!

60 min: $120 90 min: $150 120 min: $180
Stomach, Abdominal Massage Stomach Massage

The abdomen massage is designed to restore a natural balance to the internal organs by assisting them to operate more efficiently. This treatment is good for relieving indigestion, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, bloating, gas, menstrual cramps, and pent up emotions. This is an add-on massage to one of the full massages available.

20 min: $30
Head and neck massage Head & Neck Massage

The Head and Neck massage is a popular and uplifting treatment for relieving headaches, sinus problems and tension in your head, neck and shoulder area. The 20 or 30 minutes massage is an add-on component to one of the full massages available and highly recommended if you are wanting to finish a massage session in a totally relaxed and blissful state. Or you can just spend 60 minutes in bliss having your head, neck and shoulder relieved of all its tension with the magic of a Thai massage focused specifically on those areas.

20 min: $30 30 min: $45 60 min: $95
Couples Thai Massage Couples Massage

Live in Bliss with a Couples Massage! A couple’s massage is when you and a friend, family member or partner each enjoy a massage side-by-side with two therapists that work at the same time. Massage can be tailored to each individual.This is a perfect way to unwind and de-stress while spending some quality time together in a nice relaxing environment. Please call 514.545.8500 for us to assist you with booking if you cannot find online. Thank you.

60 min: $220 90 min: $280 120 min: $360