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News & Tips

Useful tips to stay healthy and fit

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Ailments & Treatments

Plantar Fasciitis & Home Treatment

18 Dec, 2021

Plantar fasciitis is the most common cause of arch pain.  It can be caused by overuse, underuse, tight / rigid fascia, cold weather, inflammation, or injury to the plantar fascia. Several years ...

Sciatica and How to Relieve Sciatic Nerve Pain

20 Jan, 2022

What is sciatica? Sciatica refers to pain affecting the sciatic nerve usually because the nerve has been irritated or compressed. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the human body and ...

Healthy Living

Patrice Evra, International Football Player Benefits from Thai Massage

14 Jun, 2018

Patrice Evra visited Bodhi Thai Massage in Montreal, Canada for a traditional Thai massage. Thanks for coming for a Thai Massage – the best for health @patrice.evra ...

Healthy Living – What Does It Mean to You?

09 Aug, 2014

This is an important question. The definition of ‘Healthy Living’ though can differ a lot from one individual to another. Here are some aspects some have defined as ‘healthy living’. Creativity ...

Massage Training Classes

Learn the Ancient art of Thai Massage

16 Dec, 2018

Bodhi Thai Massage Workshops are designed for anyone interested in learning the art of traditional Thai massage. Thai massage is excellent for helping your friends, family, clients and yourself ...

Learn in Intensive 3 Day Thai Massage Workshop

09 Dec, 2018

Learn Traditional Thai Yoga Massage in the best 3 day intensive Workshop offered in Vancouver and Montreal. Affiliated with TMC, the Thai Massage School of Chiangmai in Thailand, the lessons are ...

Nutritional Tips

Foods That Are Guaranteed To Make You Feel Great

27 Oct, 2021

Traditional Thai massage works in a wonderful way to bring in a perfect synch between your mind, body, and spirit. However, depending only on massage is not enough when it comes to your overall ...

Healthy Eating Tips for a Balanced Diet

20 Oct, 2021

To maintain good health and live a better life, you need to take in a healthy and balanced diet.Following a healthy and balanced diet is not as difficult as you may think. All you have to do is ...

Stretching Tips

Some Tips on How to Stretch Properly

01 Jul, 2018

Stretching is a good way to improve mobility and flexibility, as well as to avoid muscle soreness. Here are some tips for how to stretch properly: 1. Stretch for 10 to 15 minutes every day. ...

Thai Massage

Thai Massage Relieves Common Ailments

04 May, 2022

People usually get a Thai massage (also known as Traditional Thai Massage, Thai Yoga Massage) to relieve stress caused by daily life. However, Thai massages can offer much more benefits than to ...

Warm welcome to our new colleagues at Bodhi Thai Massage Montreal

20 Oct, 2021

We’re very happy to announce that three new Thai massage therapist have joined our team in Montreal. Fluent in both French and English, each are registered and have immense training and ...

Thai Recipes

Butternut Thai Massaman Curry

03 Dec, 2018

For a perfect heart-warming dish to serve on a chilly winter night, you have to try this famous Butternut Thai Massaman curry.   Always mixed with coconut milk, this curry is rich and flavourful ...

Vegan and Non-Vegan Papaya Salad (aka som tam)

01 Jul, 2018

Green papaya salad is a spicy salad made from shredded unripe papaya. Probably originating from ethnic Lao people, it is also eaten throughout Southeast Asia. Locally known in Thailand as som tam ...

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