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Healthy Living

Healthy Living – What Does It Mean to You?

09 Aug, 2014

This is an important question. The definition of ‘Healthy Living’ though can differ a lot from one individual to another. Here are some aspects some have defined as ‘healthy living’.


Some people consider creativity as one of the primary aspects of healthy living. They indulge in creative pursuits like arts, music, drawing, painting, music and so on as these activities have shown to be excellent in reducing stress and strain.

Moreover, these activities can be positive for your psyche as you know you are contributing something creative and healthy to the world you live in. Having this creative feeling inside you makes all the difference and you end up feeling happier and healthier!


Almost everything that we imagine and fantasize about involves one physical action or the other – be it sporting activities, films, going around with friends, shopping, traveling, and so on! In order to make these thoughts and dreams a reality, you need to act – and act with a definite purpose that will help you arrive at your intended destination. Being active then allows you to explore and enjoy all that life has to offer, and this too can be interpreted as a ‘healthy life’, which at the same time can also enable you to feel more mentally fit.

Socializing and Connecting

We are social creatures. So for the most part, we love to socialize and connect with each other. Without this (and remember the movie “I am Legend” with Will Smith where he became alone after his dog was infected), it becomes hard for us to exist. Hence, one of the most effective ways to lead a ‘healthy life’ is to socialize and connect as much as possible with others. Getting involved with others and involving others in your life is a fantastic way to make your life healthier! In this way you will be able to impart a degree of ‘wellness’ in yourself that makes your life ‘healthy’.


Don’t keep yourself confined within a certain territory or a circle of life. Instead, explore new things, new avenues that are there around you. Acquiring knowledge and experience will give you a sense of satisfaction. This will give you the energy to live life in a healthier way. Acquire energy and get inspiration from people, and things they do! Explore new things as that will help you to know and gauge yourself and your capabilities as a human being. It will in the long run help you improve yourself, which is another way of leading a ‘healthier’ life.


Last but not the least you need to participate in various extracurricular activities. If you are a tech savvy person, participate in debates and discussions that you will find going on, on various forums and exchange ideas with others. You can also participate in various community activities that may take place in your office or neighbourhood or your friends’ circle. In this way, you will be able to realize your importance, which will give you the confidence that is needed for leading a healthy and satisfactory life!

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