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Deep Tissue Thai Massage

Thai Massage Like in Thailand!

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60 min: $110
90 min: $155
120 min: $210

The Thai version of deep tissue massage is a general full body massage that offers a stronger, more intense treatment. The massage is performed with the client wearing loose comfortable clothing while lying on a mat on the floor.

The practitioner will use more forearm, elbow, knees, and feet to apply a deeper pressure in the areas where there is more muscle knots and tension. Following the massage, there is also a more intense stretching regiment that further aids to loosen tight muscles and increase flexibility.

So if you’re suffering from muscle pain and stiffness or experiencing a decrease range of movement in your legs, hip, lumbar, back, shoulder or arm areas, this strong deep tissue massage along with the accompanying high intensity stretching would be well suited to help you find relief.

This massage is ideal for those who desire a gratifying and results-driven treatment i.e. athletes, body builder, larger clients, people who are constantly under stress and tension, and those who can never get enough pressure in a massage.

Benefits of The Thai Style Deep Tissue Massage

  • help stimulate circulation and achieve deep muscle penetration
  • open energy channels and release toxins
  • stimulate the body’s self-healing capabilities
  • better range of motion and structural alignment
  • releasing deeply ingrained muscle knots and trapped nerves

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