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    10/10 review for the massage therapy provided by James (Thai name is Jorm). He is a very kind person and skilled at neck, shoulders and back massage....

    Best Massage Therapy in Montreal

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Massage

Therapeutic Thai Massage combines modalities of Traditional Thai and deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy and acupressure to alleviate chronic conditions so as to bring wellness, comfort and mobility to the client.


The therapeutic component focuses attention on the specific problem area by applying pressure at certain acupuncture and trigger points related to the ailment along the body’s energy pathways. Each specific treatment point is held for 5 to 10 seconds so as to improve the energy flow and help the body regain balance. The pressure is firm, yet relaxing.


Therapeutic Thai Massage Helps Treat:


  • Headaches
  • Neck Pain
  • Should Pain
  • Arm Pain
  • Back Pain
  • Stomach Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Leg Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Ankle Pain
  • Menstrual Cramps
  • Indigestion
  • Constipation
  • Nervousness
  • Dizziness


It is not uncommon for the practitioner to spend an hour providing therapeutic treatment on the problem area such as the neck or shoulder. And depending on the condition’s severity, treatment on the chronic area may, though not always, feel more painful. However at the end of the treatment, the client usually feels much better than before the treatment began.


Ideal for anyone who suffers from chronic pain and discomforts or limited mobility due to athletic training, repetitive movements, internal malady, or overuse. Prior to beginning the massage session, a consultation is required to address specific conditions of the client.


Hot compresses or heating or cooling products may be used to help alleviate the symptoms, whether to release tension, decreases pain, invigorate muscles or balance internal organs.


Benefits of Therapeutic Thai Massage


Therapeutic Thai Massage provides:


  • relief from pain and discomforts
  • stretches and relaxes tension in the muscles
  • improves flexibility and mobility
  • stimulates blood and oxygen circulation
  • breaks down and eliminates metabolic wastes (toxins)
  • reduces stress, both emotional and physical
60 min: $110 90 min: $140 120 min: $175