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TMC Thai Massage Level 2
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Class Details

  • Time
    3 Days
  • Length
    24 Hrs
  • Credits
    21 BCRPA CECs
  • Credits
    16 CFES CECs

The TMC Thai Massage Level 2 Workshop is for students who are interested in building an even stronger foundation in the Northern Chiangmai style of Traditional Thai yoga massage by acquiring more advanced methods. Students will learn an additional 80+ new techniques in side-lying, supine, prone and sitting positions, along with additional passive yoga-like stretching applications.

Students will be taught to massage the client in a side-lying position, as well as learn how to give massage to the stomach, inside and outside of legs in supine position, work on basic feet reflexology points, as well as inherit more advanced stretching techniques.

Emphasis will be placed on the use of acupressure points, trigger point therapy, reflexology, and rhythmic compressions. Attention will also be on the Giver’s body alignment while performing massage and stretching techniques to ensure that the student is utilizing the maximum benefit of his / her own body and body weight. Focus on meditative breath-work while applying massage on the sen sib (energy) lines will also be further developed. There will also be a review of the techniques learned in the TMC’s Thai Massage Level 1.

Students will also learn how to plan a massage to cover selected body parts, the timing required, and to finish the massage within the desired amount of time. How to end and close a massage will also be revisited.

Additionally, students will tie and apply together the techniques learned in Level 1 with that learned in Level 2. From here, students will also be able to apply the 160+ techniques acquired in both Level 1 and 2 to customize a full body massage of 60, 90 or 120 minutes in length or as needed to provide the utmost benefits to the massage recipient.

Students will be given time to practice on receivers following along with the teacher. A mini practical test is conducted as part of an on-going evaluation by the teacher during the practical training of each lesson where corrections are made during the training to assist student to be able to perform each position adequately. A short quiz is given during day three.

Upon Completion of the Workshop

Participants will have received a detailed illustrated manual and will have the tools to give a more thorough, advance and customizable 60, 90 or 120 minute North Chiangmai Style of traditional Thai yoga massage. A certificate of attendance will be given. Students who have successfully completed both Level 1 and 2, and who have passed the written and practice exams can receive the Foundation of Thai Massage certificate from the Thai Massage School of Chiang Mai, Thailand, which is recognized and approved by the Thailand government.

Workshop Fee

  • Group of 3 – 6:  $600 per person plus GST
  • Group of 2:  $900 per person plus GST
  • Private 1-on1-:  $1800 per person plus GST
  • Workshop Cancellation Policy

*This is an excellent investment. For those who are massage and health practitioners, this is a great opportunity to add a new modality to your practice and attract new clients. The costs invested in the workshop can be recovered by massaging a few clients. For others, this is a skill that you can share with your friends and family for life. Add spice and fun to your life – there’s nothing better than giving the gift of good health!

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