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Best Massage Therapy in Montreal

10/10 review for the massage therapy provided by James (Thai name is Jorm). He is a very kind person and skilled at neck, shoulders and back massage. He is always aware of the optimal pressure for each area, and demonstrates a deep understanding of joints' ranges of motion and key positions to relieve pain. Something that definitely will surprise you is the amazing massage he does to hands.

Maria Lavin
Amazing Deep Tissue Thai Massage with Dini

My second visit to Bodhi Thai Massage, both with Dini.

I love how attentive she is, asks about pressure, feedback.
I absolutely love that she turns my legs into pretzels, and I finally feel like I can fully stretch deeply.

In fact on my first session I was very tight, and afterwards I was able to touch my toes, which I had not been able to do in decades.

Can’t wait to go back and get into that deep trance and sens of calm. THANK YOU DIni!

Ann-Marie Joiner
Great Massage

Had the best massage ever!

Sergio and Vanessa Brinckhaus
WOW!!! Great Thai Massage!

This was a spur of the moment thing, we decided to go at the last minute and to our surprise we had a great experience. Viviane was very friendly and welcoming, Her energy and her experience techniques really help to ease the tension we both had. We highly recommend this place and we will be coming more often to enjoy Vivian’s joie de vivre as well as have a great Thai massage. This was the best massage that we’ve had since our time in Prague last year, she really knows what she’s doing.

Sergio & Vanessa Brinckhaus
Claire W
Amazing, Very Professional, Highly Skilled

I have gotten many massages for my chronic back pain all around the world, and no one is able to alleviate the pain like Vivian can! I have been coming to see her at Bodhi Thai Massage for almost two years now, and she always takes the time to address specific areas you would like her to work on, maintains strong pressure throughout the massage, and is truly an expert in what she does. I walk in with very tight, stressed out muscles and walk out pain and stress free :). She is also very professional and always a pleasure to talk to.

Claire W
Nicole Doucet

Fantastic ! Been coming here for over a year, always more than satisfied. Best massage ever in my life ! Takes all my stress away. I highly recommend Vivian

Nicole Doucet
Sean Lo
Very Professional and Highly Skilled

Vivian is a very professional and skilled therapist. My neck and shoulder were very tight and the muscles felt much more relaxed after the therapeutic thai therapy. Highly recommended!

Sean LO
Patrick Frenchie Ouimet
Amazing Experience!

Amazing experience! Vivian is super nice and super pro, i felt so good after my therapeutic massage , looking forward for my second appointment with her!

Patrick Ouimet
Divina Cruz

Its such a good experience, very relaxing, Vivian is so great!!

Divina Cruz
Very Professional

Vivian's massage was an excellent experience. I had a tight shoulder and she helped me a lot with her therapy. She is a very interactive and a professional person. I highly recommend her.

Suresh Kumar Natarajan
Wendy Chu
Used the perfect amount of pressure

I first discovered Bodhi Thai Massage through google search last year when I was experiencing severe tightness in my neck and shoulders. Having had numerous (mostly ineffective) massages at various clinics over the past 10 years I was skeptical but decided to give it a try anyway.

What a wonderful surprise. Vivian used the perfect amount of pressure (most massage therapists don’t use enough pressure at all), and the stretching and deep tissue work alleviated my pain and tightness for weeks!

I will definitely come back again!

Wendy Chu
Lee Weishar

Fantastic job. Vivian is very nice and fun to work with. Highly recommended!

Lee Weishar
Beyond extraordinary came out speechless!!

Vivian is beyond extraordinary came out speechless. Sweet and energetic lady that can do wonders. Having back pain you need to see this women ASAP!!! Cheers

Jenny L
Annie Rose Gianan
Bodhi Thai massage is great!

Bodhi Thai massage is great! Vivian is amazing-she is very knowledgeable within her field. She knows exactly which part of your body needs healing - where to focus on and put pressure on - assists you in body stretching all the while being relaxed. Overall- a wonderful experience- I highly recommend this place.

Annie Rose Gianan
Incredibly Powerful

Vivian is tiny but full of energy with incredibly powerful hands! She has trained in Thailand including at Wat Po, the birth place of Thai massage. I chose the deep tissue Thai massage which is more therapeutic than relaxing. She worked out all my tension and used a special technique with a wooden mallet to break down really stiff muscles. Painful but effective! Definitely the most intense and thorough massage I have ever had. I will be going back!

Rose Bagot
Great Therapy!

Great therapy to relax and de-stress. Highly recommend.

Joe Cruz
Bodhi Thai Massage
A Great Experience

A great experience. Having gone through knee surgery recently and having several past injuries, Vivian immediately identified my issues and helped to correct them. Will be returning soon.

Corey White
Roy Johnston
Great Massage Therapist

Vivian is great massage therapist and fun to talk to! She's straightened me out a number of times.

Roy Johnston
One of the best Thai massages I have ever had!

I have travelled internationally and Vivian delivered one of the best Thai massages I have ever had. I will be going back whenever I am in town.

Sean Holly
Jean Yao
Very Experienced and Skilled

Vivian is experienced, and skilled. I had very tight shoulders and painful hips. Vivian brought great relief after 1.5 hours of therapeutic massage. I would love to return to her whenever it is possible.

After having massages in various locations in my life, Vivian is one of the best. Thank you Vivian.

Jean Yao
Steven Spanhaak
One of the Best Massages I Ever Had

Together with my wife went to bodhi thai massage. I had an aromatherapy session with was very helpful. Massage pressure was hard but just right for me. Especially treatment of lower back, which always troubles me, was very beneficial. Its now one day after and I feel great, certainly one of the best massages I ever had. Thanks Vivian!

Steven Spanhaak
Bodhi Thai Massage
Would highly recommend this studio to anyone!

One of the best massages I have ever had. Would highly recommend this studio to anyone! Thanks Vivian for a wonderful first experience of Thai Massage - see you again soon 🙂

Katie O'Reilly
Matt Westcott

I made an appointment with Vivian, on arrival she sat me down we discussed my issues and then she gave me her professional opinion on what type of massage would be the best for me. I have one comment to make on the massage and that is
By the end of my session I felt slightly sore but over the next few days all went away as she explained to me, i have not felt that good for a long time. i would reccomend Vivian to all.
10 out of 10............
thanks Vivian you will see me again.

Matt Westcott
Tracey Houston
Great Thai Massage at Bodhi Thai Massage!

Great Thai Massage at Bodhi Thai Massage!
Excellent deep muscle and core stretching in the Thai "Wat Po" tradition. Make an appointment with Vivian for knowledgeable and attentive treatment to realign and reset muscles that have contorted you out of shape!

Tracey Houston
Jerry McDaniel
What a Jewel!

I have always had back issues and between visiting the sights of Montreal and hiking my back and hips were really causing pain. I found this jewel of a place. In the week and a half I was in town I visited Vivian 3 times! I am a big guy, with big muscles, but this 100lb ball of dynamite gave me the deepest Ashiatsu massage I have ever had in my life. After each visit I felt my muscles loosening slightly more. A first ever in my life. In one visit my left hip was causing me sharp pains, only to realize it was out of socket. Vivian moved it back in place qnd the sharp pain immediately went away. Thank you Vivian! I wish I lived closer. You would be my permanent fix!

Jerry McDaniel
Catherine Wicks

She took out all the knots in my neck and the massage was absolutely wonderful.

Catherine Wicks
A Big Thank You!

Un gros merci pour les soins! Ca m'aide à continué de travaillé.

Serge LaBelle
Claudia Torresjpg

I've been to Bodhi Thai Massage several times and received the aromatherapy massage treatment. I tell you this massage is absolutely wonderful! I love that Thai aromatherapy is more rhythmic and uses more pressure than the usual Swedish massage. Every time after the treatment I feel fully re-energized, completely stress-free as if I've been transported into another world! As a career woman and mother I can say this is one of the best mode for relaxation! Thanks Bodhi Thai Massage and Vivian who gives amazing massages! See you again soon!

Claudia Torres
Roy Azoulay

Superbe! This is the best Thai Massage in the city.
Vivian is amazing! Highly recommended!

Roï Azoulay
Bodhi Thai Massage
Very Efficient, Effective, and Professional

I never had a massage before until I went to Bodhi Thai Massage. I found the place and the massage therapist to be very professional. The Thai massage I had was strong and soft at the same time. It was also very efficient and effective: my long time headache has gone away just after one treatment. And for that I am very pleased and very thankful. I highly recommend Bodhi Thai Massage. It is the best place to relax and to discover some muscles you never knew you had! 🙂


Vivienne is fantastic. Highly recommend.

Gianluca Passarella
Highly Recommend!

Great massage by jasmine. Left feeling pain free, better posture and quiet and peaceful mind. Thank you! Highly recommended from someone who gets a lot of massage work.

Crazy Outlaw
Authentic Thai Massage
Authentic Thai Massage

Si vous désirez un massage thai authentique avec une bonne pression c'est une très bonne référence.
line massothérapeute


If you want an authentic Thai massage and powerful this is a very good reference.
line massage therapist

Line Robitaille
Michel Beaudoin
Very Professional

Massage très efficace et professionnel.

Michel Beaudoin
Isabelle Tremblay

I felt so good this morning. My back pain went from 6 to 1 and my left leg's mobility went from 6 to 10!

Isabelle Tremblay
David Franklin
Great massage

Been there 3 times. Great massage with a wonderful staff. Just an awesome place!

David Franklin
Deirdre Schwartz
Great Thai Massage

Really great Thai Massage.  Will definitely be back in the future.

Deirdre Schwartz

(Translated by Google) The place is impeccable, sober and lends itself beautifully to relaxation. I had the good fortune to meet the practitioner Vivian - a cordial and professional lady endowed with an impressive formation and a talent of a formidable efficiency. A targeted exchange as a preamble could determine the treatment best suited to my problems. Seeing how much more bearable my body is than before, I recommend this experience to anyone who seeks to free themselves from pain or to prevent its manifestation.

Etienne Pelletier
Tina D'Etorre
Great experience

Great experience

Tina D'Ettorre
Yuki c
The Best Ever!

The best Thai massage I have ever tried.

Yukie CC
Highly Effective Treatment

I have chronic back, hip, shoulder and neck tension as a result of working at my desk on a computer all day. My posture was so bad that Kyphosis had set in. This condition was making me feel very tired and I was told that Thai massage could help me feel better. I found Bodhi Thai Massage and went for a treatment. I must say the experience has been incredible and better than any other massages I've ever had. Now, not only has my posture improved where I'm sitting more straight at my desk, and I noticed that I'm standing taller with my shoulders more opened. I also feel more refreshed, and with better mobility. I really like the benefits. I highly recommend Bodhi Thai Massage.

Fred Ng
Normand Painchaud
Excellent massotherapiste!

Excellent massotherapiste!

Normand Painchaud

I had a treatment booked with Vivian, but when she met with me and listened to my aches and pains, she told me that she was uncomfortable treating me, in the fear of making me feel worse, and to see a doctor.

I appreciate her honesty and integrity. She took the time to go through my symptyms with me, and gave me great advice.... Thanks Vivan!

Nadine Tigani
Super Impressed!

I consider myself a massage lover. With that being said, I am addicted to the stretching and pressure massage offers. I received a massage from Vivian who gave me a Thai massage. Not only was her massage etiquette on-point but she is so sweet and strong. She's studied in Thailand and really knows her stuff. I suffer from neck, shoulder pain due to surgeries and injuries, after she treated me, I feel so free of pain and a great range of motion. I love Thai massage because of the use of masseuse's feet and arms. Vivian stretched me and positioned my body with care in order to reach those deep points. Needless to say, I'm super impressed! Bodhi Thai Massage is clean, peaceful & very professional. Thank you Vivian.

Gail Wynia
Really Enjoyable Massage!

I really enjoyed my Thai massage treatment at Bodhi Thai Massage. The studio with all the nice frangrances made me feel I was actually in Thailand and the ambience was very relaxing. I had a wonderful full body traditional Thai massage that absolutely took all the stress out from my body. Not only was the practitioner personable, she really knew what she was doing. The pressure and stretching was adjusted according to my needs. My entire body from my neck, arms, shoulder, back, to legs were all limber after the massage and I felt completely rejuvenated. I will definitely be back for more and I highly recommend Bodhi Thai Massage to everyone!

Beverly Ball
Vivian is Abolutely Amazing!

Vivian is amazing! I highly recommend booking an appointment for the Thai Deep Tissue massage. I have suffered from major neck, shoulder and back injuries for the past 10 years. However, when I went to see Vivian she was able to stretch me out and work out all the kinks I had. Vivian is a master at what she does and a real GEM! I have recommended friends to go see her as well because she is AMAZING! We have all been extremely satisfied with her techniques and become regular clients. She is very professional, kind and knows exactly what to do to help heal the body. Don't miss out on going to see Vivian for a Thai Massage

Monique Jeha
I Love Bodhi Thai Massage!

I was recently introduced to Bodhi Thai massage and i must say i love it! My whole body has been tense for quite sometime and this form of massage really gave whole body the attention it needs. Vivian is the best!, She's really invested in her client's and ensures that they're satisfied. It's amazing how she can pin point problem areas i didnt know existed. If you're looking for a deep tissue massage i highly recommend Bodhi Thai Massage.

Courtney Connor
What a wonderful experience ...

Wow, what a wonderful experience!
If you're a fan of Thai Massage you will love it !!!

Vivian is truly an expert ! She is professional and friendly (good sense of humour).
She is very intuitive and was able to find and release all my back, arms and legs tensions. She knows where to work on using perfect pressure and her entire body.

The combination of acupressure, trigger point therapy, reflexology, rhythmic compressions and assisted stretching, left my muscles warm and relaxed. I went home and took a hot epson bath, paradise on earth!!!

I highly recommend you to try Bodhi Thai massage...

Thanks Vivian.

Marie-Danielle LeBlanc
Great Place! Very Professional!

Great place! Very profesionnal. They will really work on your tense muscle and heal the pains. They'll also give you advice on your posture so you stop storing that stress.

George Ngo
Perfect in Every Way!

This is the BEST place to get an authentic Thai massage! Vivian, the therapist I had, was amazing - better than the ones I've tried in Montreal or Thailand. I think what made the difference was the massage was designed to my needs and incorporated alot more stretching than the typical Thai massage sessions I've received elsewhere. She knew exactly where my knots were and the pressure was perfectly adjusted to what I needed. My entire body and problem areas were completely free from tension ... I have never felt so good after a massage! I even bought a package! I highly recommend this place - definitely worth going!

Marie Papineau
Best of the Best!

Bodhi Thai Massage is the best of the best!!! I've spent alot of time in Thailand and I can say that Vivian gives the best Thai massage ever!!! Not only is she welcoming, courteous and professional, she intuitively knows how to heal the body. Knowledgable and attentive to my body's needs, she seems to tailor make the massage session specifically to help me address my problem areas. Her massages are as therapeutic as they are relaxing. I feel as if I'm walking on clouds after every massage session and the benefits are so long lasting, which is great! I highly recommend Vivian and Bodhi Thai Massage.

And on an extra note ... Vivian is delightful and caring person with a vibrant personality. Conversations are always interesting ... and the studio very zen. This just all makes my Thai massage experience that much more enjoyable! So thanks!

Laura G
Best Place for a Real Deep Tissue Massage

If you are looking for a real deep tissue massage, this is your place. It is going to hurt but you will feel the benefits at the end. Best place I went so far.

David Morin
The best thai aromatherapy!

You have to try the Thai aromatherapy, it was absolutely hands down the best oil massage ever! It is much better than the Swedish massage as it uses more techniques and pressure to get out the tension while leaving you feeling completely relaxed and in a state of bliss! The establishment is also nicely decorated and clean. The calming music, the aromatherapy scents filling the air, and the courteous and professional therapist added to the soothing experience. I will definitely return upon my next visit back to Montreal. 10 Stars and Two Thumbs Up!!!

Balthasar Wicki
Highly Recommend!

The most therapeutic/deep massage i have ever had!! This is the real thing.

Sagine Philippe
Great Tai Massage

Great, professional Tai massage!

Dima Glubochansky
Wonderful, personalised massage

Vivian was wonderful: I had intense neck pain for several weeks from working on my laptop and she focused on that area and the surrounding zones, expertly working out all the tension. I have had a lot of thai massage (in Thailand, New Zealand and France) and her technique was exceptional. Highly recommended!

Anna Knight
Utterly Fabuluous!

I had been looking for a couple of years for a place - locally - that would do Thai Massage the way it is meant to be performed.
It was fortunate that I came across the Bodhi Thai Massage website during my last search.
I have had the benefit of Traditional Thai Massage in the past and have become very particular to this authentic treatment.
I am very content to say that I have found that which I have been looking.
Vivian is very professional and friendly and added to the relaxed, clean and uncluttered environment.
The treatment was amazing and performed with the appropriate pressure and flow. Enough time was taken before the treatment to understand my needs/concerns so that the massage focused to help address these ailments. Then after the massage there was time alloted to review the completed treatment and log what had been discovered by Vivian that would be address during my following sessions.
I am completely satisfied and looking forward to my next session, shortly.

Georgina Papaly
A Unique Place

This is a "sanctuary" in the truest sense of the word! You come out feeling alive and well after one of Vivian's massages.
Vivian is so perceptive, she wants to give the best and she does every time.  Looking forward to my next session.

Karl Eibensteiner
The Best Massage Ever!

When I arrived, I had so much pain in the lower back. But after getting a full consultation and a brief agenda what needed to get done, I received the best Massage ever. Vivian was awesome and relieved me from a lot of pain. Due to my condition she couldn't not remove all my aches, but i could feel she worked very hard and focused. I'm so grateful for her professionalism and I'll definitely return for another treatment!

Svenja Sierk
Authentic, Bar None, WOW!!!

WOW! Great Thai message! I’ve had Thai messages in Thailand, Vivian’s message was bar none! I am really lucky to have found this Gem right in my backyard. The pressure she used was just right for me. I didn’t need to ask her for less or more pressure, she just knew. A true authentic artist with her hands! Do yourself a favor and go see Vivian, it will be the best message of any kind you’ve ever had.

Amazing Massage!!!!!

This massage was really amazing! I never had a massage of any kind before so going there I was nervous in terms of what to expect. The studio was a relaxing environment. Vivian started with a thorough examination to find out what parts of my body needed attention and what kind of pressure to apply. The combination of massage, stretching and acupressure was very relaxing and therapeutic. Vivian knows what she is doing, she is nice to talk to and she is very professional. I would recommend this place to anyone looking for a massage. And I will definitely go again. Thanks!

Billy Loukas
Far exceeded my expectations

This was my first Thai massage and it far exceeded my expectations. The combination of stretching and massage is wonderful. Vivian applied the right amount of pressure with a lot of communication on what worked for me. The studio she uses is very quiet and 90 minute massage was like a mini vacation. I came out of it the same way I feel after a 60 min float in a isolation tank.

Lee Heaver
Incredible Massage!!! 🙂

There is just nothing like a good thai massage...Vivian is one of the rare finds in BC for someone who is well trained in this field. Compared to a regular massage, thai really gets into your bones and your joints too...feels incredible during and after the treatment.

Jenn Wheeler
Wow Great Experience!

Wow, what a great experience! Vivian might be small but she is powerful! If you're a fan of Thai Massage you will not be disappointed; this massage rivaled any that I have received in Thailand.

And to those of you whom have yet to try a Thai Massage you are in for a treat! Vivian uses her entire body to leverage pressure directly to the parts that ails you.

The studio is calming, comfortable, and conveniently located.

You have got to try a Thai Massage, you will not be disappointed!

Lionel Grannis, - Owner, 1st Gear Motorcycle
Thai Massage is a Must!

I’m a Registered Acupuncturist in Vancouver with over 14 years experience. I’m really happy to have found Bodhi Thai Massage in Vancouver. I’ve been to Thailand many times and I find Thai massage to be very therapeutic. Not only does Thai massage work on the whole body and touch upon important meridian lines to release blocked energy, it also incorporates various massage techniques - from acupressure, reflexology to trigger point therapy - to relax the body and employs the use of stretching to open up the body to increase flexibility and mobility. Vivian is an excellent Thai masseuse and I found her to be better than the practitioners I encountered at the top spas in the 5 star hotels in Thailand. She is very gifted with intuition and that is evident in her massages. She knows how to apply appropriate pressure and she massages the right points - I highly recommend her. In closing, acupuncture helps with many ailments, but often to maintain good health, a various combination of treatment therapy is required … and Thai massage is one to be included! Here’s to good health to all!

Gary Zhou, Registered Acupuncturist, Vancouver
Awesome Massage

I have had many Thai massages in Thailand, and frankly wasn't expecting much on my first visit to Bodhi in Vancouver. I was so surprised at the quality of the service and massage that I have returned several times since. A very authentic massage that has some great therapeutic benefits. I highly recommend it!

William B. - Vancouver
Wonderful Massage - Hands of an Angel

This was the most wonderful massage I ever had. I got a referral from a friend and I wanted to try it out. I went there this Saturday past and the masseuse, Vivian, was very friendly, professional and has the hands of an angel; she recognized the areas of tension in my body within the first 15 minutes. My back ache is practically non-existing as of now; she found areas of my body that I never realized were making me stiff. She did what 2 chiropractors could not do. I would highly recommend this place.

Uday Vyas
Simply amazing

VIvian is truly an expert of her art! She is intuitive of my needs without even needing to voice them. She has a super keen sense of the body and know where to work on with using perfect pressure. She is patient with my tough areas and I leave with a sense of relief. Fantastic massage. Highly recommend her to anyone needing healing to their body. My partner and I both feel the same way, and are sold of continuing our massage care with Vivian. Simply fanstastic!

Terra Lee
Amazing Experience

Amazing experience. Atmosphere is quaint and comfortable. The mixture of Vivian's style is so unique. One of the best massages I have ever had.  Go go go ....

Jennifer Lomas
Thai Massage is very therapeutic

My husband first went to Bodhi Thai Massage. He loved his experience so much that he highly recommended me to try Thai Massage and even bought me a package of 10 treatments from Bodhi. I often get massages at different places but I’m really glad my husband found Bodhi Thai Massage. My feeling is that Vivian is very professional. She is also very intuitive. She knows where my pain areas are and uses very good pressure. Since I’m recovering from hip surgery, I’ve found that Vivian has been able to help me in my recovery as I’ve seen definite improvements in my mobility and flexibility as a result of having Thai Massage. My muscles are also more relaxed and I feel I have better circulation down to my legs. I truly find Thai Massage very unique, helpful and therapeutic in helping me improve my overall health. I highly recommend Vivian and Bodhi Thai Massage. It is a must try for sure!

Carmen Lee
Spectacular Massage

Thanks for a spectacular massage! Again, you were able to help me relieve stress and create the balance I was looking for.

Balth Wicki
Love Thai Aromatherapy

Thanks Vivian !! I love the Thai Aromatherapy Massage ♥ No more tightness = happy shoulders =)

Natasha Lee
Excellent Massage!

After 1 month of my baby's birth, I was having pain in my back, shoulders and neck due to breastfeeding. So decided to have a massage. I chose Bodhi's massage and it was a good decision. Vivian is excellent in her job! She could find out the right pressure points and understand how much pressure to exert there. I felt much relaxed after the massage. Thanks a lot Vivian 🙂

Rubaiya Rahman
Bodhi Thai Massage is the Best!

I'm so glad I tried Thai massage cause seriously this was the best massage ever! Thanks for the fabulous experience. I felt so relaxed from head to toe! I'll be coming back!

Ashley Warner
Amazing 🙂

If you are in the mood for a really relaxing Thai massage, I suggest Bodhi Thai-Massage in Kerrisdale. Vivian is amazing!

Sarah Thornton

Thanks Vivian...the massage helped with my ailments...I have been walking way better...need to come on a regular basis

Vinka Vukovic

Vivian impressed me to be a very experienced and knowledgeable practitioner. I can tell she message with all her heart and is very sensitive to my response. I highly recommend her. Good job, Vivian !

Judy Chan

It's my second time to use Vivian skill.
She just know how to ease my back tension with her magical hands.
Also very generous with additional time.
Thanks Vivian....

Fantastic experience!

I walked into the studio with a straining headache and after spending a hour with Vivian, I felt relaxed and tension free. Vivian is very knowledgeable and skilled. She took the time to get to know my preferences and checked in with me throughout the massage to ensure that I was comfortable and that my needs were met. I thoroughly enjoyed this experience and I will definitely be booking more sessions with Vivian.

Melissa Yeung
Extraordinary service

I have been trying many Thai massage these past years, Thai bodhi was so far the most personalized therapy I had ever been.
Vivian just know what to do to ease the tension.
I slept so well the night after the massage. Woke up the morning, my body felt light and mood was best.
Thank you Vivian

Hennily Amiruddin
Best massage I have ever had!

Best massage I have ever had...and I go often for massages. From now on I will only see Vivian. My neck, shoulders & lower back were so happy at the end of my session. I was relaxed and happy. I will be referring Bodhi Thai Massage to all my friends & family. Thank you Vivian

Sherree Mitchell, Realtor
thai massage

I had a wonderful deep thai massage by Vivian last week. I can highly recommend her !

Karen Mcdonald
Thanks Vivian for a great experience

This was the second time I have ever had a professional massage. Thank you Vivian for making my experience a great one - I felt great when it was over. I have arthritis in my right shoulder and lately have been unable to cross my arm in front of me to my left side and wrap around behind my neck . After today's Thai massage I am able to do just that - amazed how much more range in movement I have. Your shop is also very calming and serene. I have already been recommending you to my friends and will definitely be back. Thank you again.

Penny Barnett
By far the best Thai Massage!

Having experienced many Thai massages during my travels in Thailand, I have to say this has been the best, by far the best. A fusion of therapeutic and relaxation techniques personally designed to my needs and preference. The studio is easy to access, in the heart of Kerridale with ample free parking near by. The tranquil atmosphere promotes relaxation and healing. The combination of deep tissue massage, trigger pressure point release and assisted stretching left me in a place of bliss - had the best sleep ever. Thanks Vivian.

Miriam Pulsifer
Unique and Relaxing with the Right Amount of Pressure

Unique and relaxing decor, just the right amount of pressure, genuine interest in me and my needs, a treatment that seemed to involve no agenda on the part of the therapist other than to relieve stress and promote health, and a truly giving environment that engendered a sense of intimacy that I found healing.

Jonathon Haddon
Attentive and with Perfect Pressure

I really enjoyed the Thai massage I received from Vivian! The pressure was perfect and she made sure to check in with me every so often to see how I felt. She was able to focus more on certain areas that were bothering me like my upper neck and low back, but the massage was still very thorough and didn't feel rushed. After the massage my muscles felt warm and relaxed, and weren't nearly as sore as when I first came in. I will definitely be going back soon for another one!

Kyla N, RMT
Highly Recommend!

Thanks Suk for the awesome massage.  I will recommend you to all my friends.  You go the extra mile.  I left your studio feeling the best I have felt in years.  I have had massages throughout the world and yours was the best.

Lisa Howell Jensen, Air Canada
Amazing Massage!

I called up and wanted a massage to help me relax so that I could get a good night's sleep. It was wonderful to have someone come to my home where I could thoroughly enjoy a nice aromatherapy, where afterwards they leave and I can just carry on resting. The massage itself was amazing! Totally relaxing and great therapy. I had one of the best sleeps ever and I started the work week feeling completely refreshed! Thanks Suk for a wonderful massage!

Barb Jones
Best Thai Massage Ever!

I honestly love Thai massage and find it extremely therapeutic. I was looking for a Thai masseuse in Vancouver and came across Bodhi Thai Massage. I must say the massage from Suk was absolutely fabulous! She really has the intuitive ability for massage and is able to find and loosen the knotted spots. That massage was three days ago, and I'm still completely relaxed! Suk is AMAZING! I highly recommend her!

Gennifer Garcia
Thai Massage classmate, Watpo

I met Suk at Wat Po TTM School in Salaya, Thailand. We took the Professional Thai Massage for Health program where we spent a couple of hundred hours in the classroom giving and receiving massages to one another and to clients as well. Suk is one of my favorite masseuses - she has a great sense of feel and touch for the human body. She also gives good pressure during massage - just perfect for relaxation. She is attentive to what her client says, and she cares a lot for the result of her work. I had a great time under the care of her powerful and gentle hands.

Valerie Lynnyk, Yoga Instructor and Thai Masseuse, Ukraine
Thai Massage Therapist, Watpo, Bodhi Thai Massage

I've had the pleasure of receiving several incredible Thai massage treatments given by Suk while she was in Thailand. Suk has an incredibly big heart, caring personality, and a healing touch. She places great emphasis on the well-being of her clients and truly cares about each individual, of their health and their circumstances - mind, body and spirit. Suk is a well trained therapist and her Thai massage skills and abilities is better than most I've tried. On top of taking the time to listen, she also helps to educate her clients on prevention and correct ways to take care of their body. With these skills combined with her ability to seek out pain spots intuitively, I feel very comfortable with her massages. She is truly dedicated to her profession with heart and compassion, and simply stated, she is one of the best!!! I wish Suk a great future in the industry in Canada and I look forward to having more massages from her one day.

John Lester Aguila, EFL Teacher, Chiangmai, Thailand
Thai Massage, Bodhi Thai Massage, Watpo

For over 10 years I have put parts of my life into people care as a Yoga-teacher. I know the importance of a sensitive touch. Thai Massage is quite different from the mainstream wellness experience. Traditional Thai massage with Suk is well-being in a new way. Her ability and skill in sensing pain points and giving a specific focused treatment are amazing. Because this type of massage is not just a soft touchy oil massage, I could relax and enjoy her work - same day - and next day! Crazy - her massage reached me much more the next day. As an office-worker I always have neck-shoulder pain. Two treatments from Suk and I had a complete different relief than after doing my yoga exercises or other techniques. My recommendation: See her three times within two weeks and you'll feel your body like it was many years before: relieved, flexible and comfortable. Thanks Suk, I'm looking forward to coming back.

Katja Willeschek, Corporate Consultant and Yoga Instructor, Switzerland
Thai Massage Therapist, Swizterland,

I'm a Physiotherapist from Switzerland with 10 years professional experience. I met Suk while travelling in Thailand and have had the opportunity to receive a few amazing Thai massages from her. In my opinion, she's knows how to apply pressure well and has a good intuitive touch. Pleasant and friendly, and with a professional and warm attitude, Suk channels her energies well in helping the client to relax. I would highly recommend Suk to potential clients and employers alike.

Valeriya Mihailova, Physiotherapist, Switzerland
Bodhi Thai Massage, Watpo, Thai Massage

I'm a massage therapist and I had the pleasure of studying Thai massage in Thailand with Suk. During our studies, I was exposed to the wonderful ability of Suk, which was to give personal attention to each patient according to their needs. While other therapists sometimes "just push on the points by the book", Suk understands the importance that every move be given at the right point and pressure for that patient. She pays great attention to patient response and their body language. And I think that's what distinguishes her and makes her such a great therapist.

Ayal Sagie, Massage Therapist, Isreal
Thai Massage Watpo, Bodhi Thai Massage

Suk is an outstanding massage practitioner and well suited for the role. You can feel the love she has for the job and the excitement she has for bringing health and wellness to her clients. I feel lucky to have been massaged by her nimble fingers. I feel so relaxed after a massage session with Suk. She is really talented and also has a very friendly personality. I highly recommend everyone to get a massage from Suk.

Yolanda Rickli, Massage Therapist and Beautician, Switzerland
Watpo, Bodhi Thai Massage

I'm a teacher with Chetawan Watpo Health School in Thailand. I have over 10 years experience. From my experience, Suk is a very talented massage practitioner. She knows how to properly apply pressure and has a good intuitive touch. She is also very kind and has a very friendly personality.

Raksamorn Klinsukhon, Chetawan Watpo Thai Traditional Massage and Health School, Thailand
Thai Massage

Suk is a gifted Thai massage therapist whom I had a pleasure to get to know while travelling and studying massage in Thailand. Suk's great massage skills come from extensive training, awesome personality, and vast knowledge of how the body works. Sukn works with, not on, her clients. Her work is always focused on her client's needs and she is totally committed to increasing her clients’ wellness and health. It is my pleasure to write this recommendation for Suk, certified Thai Massage therapist. I recommend Suk without any hesitation for anyone who needs a superb massage with the great healing touch.

Andrius Jovaisas, Sports Massage Therapist & Teacher, Lithuania

Suk is a very effective person who works with a big heart, a very important attribute in our field based on communication and healing through touch. She is also an active, attentive and generous person; not only does she possess a very caring personality, she is always willing to give a helping hand when needed. I have experienced Suk's massage while in Watpo Thai Massage School in Thailand and I would highly recommend Suk to potential clients.

Hanaa Mi, Massage Therapist with 12 years experience, Morocco