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Nutritional Tips

    Foods That Are Guaranteed To Make You Feel Great

    Traditional Thai massage works in a wonderful way to bring in a perfect synch between your mind, body, and spirit. However, depending only on massage is not enough when it comes to your overall health improvement. You need to have healthy habits, with a healthy diet being a key component. Eating well will make you feel great, and help in your physical and mental healing. Now the question is what can you eat to ensure that the foods create a positive impact on your mood or emotional health.


    First of all, it is imperative to get rid of foods that are lacking in nutrients like vitamin B, zinc or magnesium. Instead, you should turn to ‘feel good’ foods, that help you maintain healthy nerves and keep your brain active. They also keep your mood upbeat by producing something called neurotransmitters. Some nutrients and food that are good for you to eat are as follows:


    Protein Rich Foods

    You may want to take protein rich foods like turkey, fish, chicken, beans, cheese, egg, milk and so on. These foods, being rich in protein, contain a neurotransmitter called Serotonin that helps you maintain your mental and emotional stability. This helps you to remain calm even in stressful situations. They help you to have good sleep, and most importantly, improve your general health.


    Nuts and Dairy

    You can also have other protein-rich foods like seeds and nuts, peanut butter, low-fat yogurt & cheese, milk, and tofu. These foods will slow down your rate of digestion and help you maintain a healthy level of blood sugar.


    Vitamin Bs

    Along with protein, you can also increase the level of vitamin intake. Vitamin B, particularly B12, B6, and Folic Acid will be ideal. These are needed to ensure that your nervous system functions properly. Deficiency of Vitamin B leads to depression. Foods that are rich in Vitamin B include legumes, meat, fish, wholegrains, milk and green & leafy vegetables.


    Omega 3

    It is wise to intake Omega 3 daily. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in abundance in oily fishes like sardine, mackerel, trout, and the likes. These fats are extremely crucial for maintaining healthy nerve & brain functions. They also come in handy for the treatment of depression.


    Omega-3s, can also be found in walnuts & flaxseed and cold water fish like salmon. These foods go a long way in keeping your heart healthy as they also act as mild blood thinners. These foods help you feel better and regulate your mood.


    Enjoy Thai massage and follow a proper and healthy diet and feel the difference the two will bring in you!


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