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Thai Massage

    What Makes Thai Massage So Different

    Traditional Thai Massage

    Traditional Thai massage is an ancient form of therapeutic massage and mode of alternative treatment. This mode of treatment is practiced to take care of various ailments that may include asthma, migraine, sprains in muscles and joints, and relief of physical as well as emotional anxiety and so on. It helps to improve sleep, improve muscle flexibility, increase awareness of mind and body, and release blocked energy.


    Yogi Therapy


    Thai massage differs a lot from the other forms of massage therapies. Thai massage is unique as it applies a wide range of stretching techniques by placing the recipient’s body in a variety of postures and positions. These positions help to open and release the blocked energy of the body.


    It is generally referred to as the “Thai Yoga Massage” or the “Yoga for lazy people”. The recipient’s body is placed in postures that are quite similar to the customary ‘yoga’ positions. However, the difference is that the recipient does not need to put in any real effort. The person just needs to relax and let the therapist do the rest.


    Rhythmic Compressions


    Another unique feature of Thai massage is that the therapist applies a unique deep pressure technique, that are like rhythmic compressions, creating both a relaxing and energizing effect on the body.




    This is another feature that differentiates traditional Thai massage from the others. Normally, this particular form of massage is performed on a comfortable floor mat, and the recipient remains fully clothed unlike most other forms of massage.


    Moreover, for traditional Thai massage, there isn’t really a need for much furniture, as the entire procedure is carried out on the floor. It is this simplicity backed by the calmness and elegance of massage movements that makes this form of massage so very exclusive.


    The meditative angle


    Another factor that makes Thai massage so different from the other forms of massage is that this massage is recognized as a meditative and spiritual form of treatment. The treatment is very powerful and effective in creating calmness to the recipient’s mind, body, and spirit.

    Generally, the recipient starts with a prayer that is known as Wai-khru. This prayer sets the tone for the session as well as centers the mindset of the therapist, and helps both the therapist and recipient to focus on the true wellness and health.


    While in regular massage the recipient needs to lie down either on the back or the stomach, in Thai massage the recipient can also lie on both sides, and even sit up during some parts of the session as required for some of the techniques to be implemented.


    In the nutshell, Thai massage is an absolutely dynamic form of treatment very different from the other forms of massages that are generally practiced.



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