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Tag Archives: Thai Yoga Massage

  • Very Successful Event on Intro to Thai Massage Info Session

    Intro to Thai Massage Info Session Tues May 22, 2018 at 6 pm   Have you ever heard people talk about Thai Massage (also known as traditional Thai massage, Thai yoga massage), and not...

    posted on: May 23, 2018 | author: admin
  • Thai Massage Therapy for Health

    Authentic Thai Massage for Health

    Improve Your Health and Gain More Mobility & Flexibility with a Thai Massage   Are you feeling tired and sore from any of the following?   - sitting at your office all...

    posted on: Sep 04, 2014 | author: admin
  • Traditional Thai Massage

    What Makes Thai Massage So Different

    Traditional Thai massage is an ancient form of therapeutic massage and mode of alternative treatment. This mode of treatment is practiced to take care of various ailments that may include asthma,...

    posted on: Aug 07, 2014 | author: admin